CLA-VAL series 90 : Downstream Pressure Control
CLA-VAL 90-CF9 : Pressure Reducing Valve and Level Control
The CLA-VAL 90-CF9 is designed to reduce a high pressure (P1) and to open fully (On) when the liquid level reaches a preset low level and close drip tight (Off) when the level reaches a preset high level.

An orifice is mounted on the outlet of the valve to prevent any cavitation and to control flow rate.
The Float Control may be installed at any elevation provided P1 (expressed in length) > D.

Included accessories:
• Valve position indicator X101
• Gauge cock CSA-12, Rp 1/2" (upstream & downstream)
• Pressure gauge [0-16 bar] & [0-16 bar]
• Float control CF9 - PN 16, rod SS-303 L = 1,0 m and spherical float SS-316 diam. = 180 mm