CLA-VAL at the 2020 Industry Awards 4.0
On 3 September, the Latin Chambers of Commerce awarded ten particularly innovative manufacturers in French-speaking Switzerland. It is gratifying in these difficult times to see so much capacity for innovation. Together with resilience, these are Switzerland’s two greatest assets. Moreover, our country ranks ahead of all nations around the world in international benchmarks in these two areas.

Innovation and Resilience were at the heart of this evening’s debates. Industrialists from Cartier, LVMH, MPS, Felco, Cla-Val, … Trivadis, Banque Cantonale Genevoise, Swisscom, … but also from several universities such as those of Valais, Yverdon or He-Arc … came to honor these inventors. And as Hugo van Buel, Managing Director of Cla-Val Europe and one of the main sponsors of the evening, said: “It is not enough to have a good idea, even a very inventive one, you have to realize it. We then talk about innovation and marketing. This is where good entrepreneurs stand out from the rest. Inventing is good, marketing is better. Commercialization is where it all comes down to. So support the export industry!
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