CLA-VAL CV-Log-35 is an innovation, bringing unprecedented possibilities to the world of control valves. This compact device offers six acquisition channels and embeds the CLA-VAL ValveFlow proprietary algorithm, allowing the calculation of flow rate based on inlet/outlet pressures and valve position. With only 3 basic sensors, 4 hydraulic data are made available: upstream pressure, downstream pressure, valve position, and flow rate.

Legacy 2G (GPRS) cellular network coverage issues are resolved by integrating the latest LTE-M (Cat M1) and NB-IoT communication technologies, specifically optimized for communicating objects (IoT). Data can be transmitted to any server of your choice, including the CLA-VAL Link2Valves™ advanced platform.

Configuring the device during commissioning is unbelievably easy, thanks to its intuitive WiFi interface; no specific software or cables are needed! Valve pressures and flow rate are shown in real-time, without the need to enter the vault. CLA-VAL CV-Log-35 is the future of control valves, allowing operations to be smarter and more accessible than ever.