The function of these valves is to control the downstream pressure by means of a motorized pilot. The pressure change is based on time and/or flow rate directly programmed within the CLA-VAL D22 controller. A SCADA system can be added at any time for remote monitoring. These valves are located closely to water tanks.


The picture shows clearly a hydraulic pilot CRD backup in order to override the electronics in case of power failure. It’s a unique advantage of CLA-VAL valves to back up the main function by means of various hydraulic pilots in the event of any kind of failure. CLA-VAL customers are increasingly insisting on minimizing the risk of failure by improving the safety and resilience of valves. To meet those requests CLA-VAL uses direct redundancy on the pilot circuit, which reduces the risk of water shut-off or other potential valve and/or downstream system problems.


CLA-VAL offers the most complete range of pressure management solutions, from simple two-stage hydraulic valves up to the most advanced electronic pilots, CLA-VAL is always at the forefront of innovation.


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