SMART CITIES are a reality today, and clean water management is definitely part of it.
CLA-VAL continues to innovate in order to offer the best solutions for the most demanding needs. CLA-VAL connected valves, based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, make it easy to implement smart water management in your network.

Water networks regulation often varies dynamically, depending on hydraulic conditions, which are sometimes happening at a distant location from the regulation valve. As an example, you may need to vary the flow going through the valve as a function of water level in a tank located a few kilometers away.
The CLA-VAL D22 PEERING functionality, including embedded intelligence coupled with Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, regulates automatically the flowrate going through the valve as a function of the remote reservoir water level, without any additional hydraulic or electric connection.

When coupled with the CLA-VAL Link2Valves platform providing remote configuration capability, this feature allows a fully automated regulation that can be optimized remotely, reducing field interventions on sites that can be distant from each other or difficult to access.

A one of many CLA-VAL Smart Water Management solution to optimize your time and the regulation of your network!