CLA-VAL continuously innovates to resolve critical situations faced by our customers in the field.


For instance for step-by-step control valves (dual solenoid), where a solenoid gets blocked due to its high temperature.

When the valve is maintained at a certain position, one of the solenoids is constantly energized, hence heating to a temperature of more than 80°C (170°F), especially under hot weather condition. Solenoids present a high risk of getting blocked when reaching high temperatures, as a chemical reaction can happen, which will block its core over time.


CLA-VAL unique OPTICON solution implemented in the CLA-VAL D22 valve electronic controller reduces the electric power necessary to maintain a solenoid position by up to 90%. This will reduce the temperature of the solenoid by about 40°C, avoiding any blocking. This also obviously allows optimizing the power consumption of the overall electronics.