Discover on the Youtube platform, a video explaining how the drinking water supply works for over 4 million people.

The video, produced by youtuber “Monsieur Bidouille”, using footage of the installation of a CLA-VAL valve by the SEDIF on the Clichy and Levallois water network, to control water pressure and save 150,000 cubic meters of water each year in the area (the equivalent of 60 Olympic-sized swimming pools).

Here’s a look at the valve’s features:

– Valve size : DN 800
– Flanges : PN 16
– Pressure Modulation Control Valve / Time with D22 Electronic Controller
– Positioning Motorized Pressure Reducing Control CRD-700-34
– Electronic Advanced Controller D22
– Pressure Reducing Control CRD-700

A CLA-VAL valve buried under the Allées Gambetta in the heart of Clichy. Connected to the network, it will reduce the impact of leaks on Sedif’s Clichy-Levallois sector.

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