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WETEX 2021 will be held at the impressive site of the World Expo 2020 Dubaï

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) will organise the 23rd Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) and Dubai Solar Show from 5 to 7 October 2021 at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The CLA-VAL stand has the honour of being located in the heart of the Swiss pavilion at the exhibition.

Our specialists Ashraf Farag/CLA-VAL Dubai and Christophe Piro/CLA-VAL Europe will present you our latest innovations during this prestigious event.

More informations on www.cla-val.ch and waterworks@cla-val.ch

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Inter Airport Europe Exhibition Munich, Germany

Inter Airport Europe the world’s leading airport exhibition for Airport equipment, technology, design & services will open doors on November 9 – 12 2021 in Germany.

Our CLA-VAL specialists for Fuelling Richard Hooton and Fabrice Jaggi will attend and share the lastest innovations from CLA-VAL and answer any questions about our products.

More informations on www.cla-val.ch , fuelling@cla-val.ch

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CLA-VAL exhibits at Pollutec Lyon Eurexpo 12-15 October 2021

Created in 1978, Pollutec is the world’s leading exhibition for the environmental market and has become the reference event for professionals in France.

Come and discover our products and innovations presented by our specialists from CLA-VAL France and CLA-VAL Europe on our Stand #6-G70

As The Global Leader in Automatic Control Valves, CLA-VAL will be surrounded by nearly 2,200 exhibitors including French and international companies from 128 countries!

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CLA-VAL with RACI at H2O ACCADUEO Bologna Italy from October 6 to 8, 2021

H2O is an international exhibition dedicated to water and gas treatment with over 300 exhibitors.

Our CLA-VAL specialist, Mr. Jean-Paul Georgi, will be present on Wednesday 6th of October at the booth A29 / Pavilion 20 of our partner and representative in Italy, the company RACI.

We invite you to come and discover our latest innovations and we will gladly answer your questions.

More information on www.cla-val.ch and www.raci.it

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CLA-VAL at your side from project to commissioning!

Even under extreme heat conditions, our CLA-VAL Middle East specialists have successfully completed the commissioning of several pressure relief valves in Saudi Arabia.

These specially executed cast steel valves are the first part of our customer’s prestigious project.

CLA-VAL thanks its client for its choice of excellence.

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CLA-VAL University

CLA-VAL University was pleased to welcome the teachers from the Tolochenaz Construction School, who are the architects of tomorrow’s skills in the sanitary sector.

The CLA-VAL group offers a series of training courses to its customers and partners, as well as to leading schools and universities around the world.

Our training center, equipped with the latest technology, and a studio for remote training allow our specialists to offer workshops and targeted demonstrations.

CLA-VAL thanks its clients and partners for their choice of excellence.

More information on info@cla-val.ch

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New Certificate ISO 45001

CLA-VAL Europe is pleased to announce the new  ISO 45001 certification, international norm for occupational health and safety.

This success officially validates all of our procedures in terms of health management, safety and working conditions.

For many years, the CLA-VAL group has been working to prevent and improve working conditions throughout its production chain, thanks to the active and constant involvement of its staff.

Today, this certification is the confirmation of the measures applied within our group!

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CLA-VAL Fire Protection

To save lives, firefighters do not hesitate to risk their own.
The CLA-VAL group makes its buildings available to these daily heroes for their training.
We all share the same concern for your safety.
CLA-VAL offers its customers and partners the choice of excellence in fire protection!

For more information, consult our line of fire protection products on cla-val.ch or contact us at fire@cla-val.ch

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A remote and safe inspection service!

Flexibility and adaptation are part of CLA-VAL’s DNA.

We innovate not only with products but also with service solutions.
In answer to the travel disruptions caused by the health crisis, the CLA-VAL group offers its customers a reliable remote inspection service by acquiring new high-performance equipment to inspect, test and validate the quality of the products ordered.
To follow up on your projects with time and cost reduction, CLA-VAL organizes your FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) online by using a multi-camera system that allows you to view the valve under test from several angles.
This high-quality professional equipment is approved by world-renowned safety companies.
CLA-VAL thanks its customers for their choice of excellence.

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