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Customer focus  and deadlines are the priorities of our teams ! From our inventory to delivery, our collaborators are perfectly equipped and coordinated to dispatch in record time very large parts weighing several tons all over the world, such as below a PRV CLA-VAL TYTAN-M 90-701 DN1000 PN 16 of 4400 kgs for Saudi Arabia. Departure Friday afternoon from Romanel Switzerland  / Arrival at Riyadh airport in Saudi Arabia after 36 hours. Congratulations to our expedition and logistic team for this performance !
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Celebrating 85 years of service ! Founded in 1936, CLA-VAL started its business with five employees in a small facility in South Pasadena, California. Through the generations and 85 years later, the CLA-VAL group has grown to become a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of automatic control valves but also electronic accessories and related products for the waterworks, fire protection, building services, mining, aviation fueling, and marine/shipbuilding industries. We have been challenged to achieve excellence, our many facilities are located on all 5 continents ! We are pleased to celebrate our 85 years of activity and share this milestone with gratitude by warmly thanking our customers and partners. The CLA-VAL group and its specialists continue to innovate in products that support the life, safety and comfort of people around the world. Click here to learn more: www.cla-val.ch
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CLA-VAL UNIQUE Solution ! CLA-VAL continuously innovates to resolve critical situations faced by our customers in the field. For instance for step-by-step control valves (dual solenoid), where a solenoid gets blocked due to its high temperature. When the valve is maintained at a certain position, one of the solenoids is constantly energized, hence heating to a temperature of more than 80°C (170°F), especially under hot weather condition. Solenoids present a high risk of getting blocked when reaching high temperatures, as a chemical reaction can happen, which will block its core over time. CLA-VAL unique OPTICON solution implemented in the CLA-VAL D22 valve electronic controller reduces the electric power necessary to maintain a solenoid position by up to 90%. This will reduce the temperature of the solenoid by about 40°C, avoiding any blocking. This also obviously allows optimizing the power consumption of the overall electronics.
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The world’s biggest inventory of control valves!

  CLA-VAL is ready for the 2021 kick off with a new record inventory of control valves. CLA-VAL has increased its stock levels all around the world to quickly handle all your demands. Carefully studying your project and providing you solutions is part of CLA-VAL's business, but in those difficult times, delivering your valves in the shortest possible time is part of our constant commitment for excellence. From concept to product : CLA-VAL does it!
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OMAN  Muscat  Al  Dakhiliyah  VISION 2040 -  Al Dakhiliyah Phase 1 is one of the major projects and part of the OMAN VISION 2040. The goal is to have 100% of Oman’s population with safe drinking water by 2040, according to DIAM (Public Authority for Water - PAW). CLA-VAL is proud to be part of these project with the supply of a large functionality range of CLA-VAL valves.
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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 Know-how and excellence are the drivers of our determination, those are the foundations of our current and future success. CLA-VAL Group thanks you for your confidence and wishes you, health, success and passion for the new year 2021 !
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What color is your new CLA-VAL valve? Factory or industrial plant color coding does often request specific valve color adaptation. A new Terminal in the UAE did apply yellow code painted valves in order to comply with the specifications. At CLA-VAL, a large inventory including non-painted valves, does allow fast customer adaptation for almost any color type. CLA-VAL is unique and could adapt to any kind of customer demand! For more information please contact info@cla-val.ch
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Heli-Hydrant Application for Fire Fighting. Beautiful heli-hydrant application of a CLA-VAL modulating float valve with a latching shutoff solenoid. Controlling valve opening/closing speed does prevent any surge into the upstream water system. When approaching the heli-hydrant the helicopter pilot remotely triggers the water activation system allowing smooth opening of the CLA-VAL valve Model 129-55 for tank filling. For more information please contact Fire@cla-val.ch
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CLA-VAL Water Monitoring Safety Valve. The construction phase of a building is a period with lot of risks with the water use: -leaks and breaks in new untested system after working hours -valves, faucets, hose valves left open when system shut down -unauthorized use after hours One of the major consequence, in addition to the damages, is insurance rising fees. Install a CLA-VAL Water Monitoring Safety Valve is the solution to mitigate these risks. Installed on the main feeds of water supply, this valve will shut down water during non-working hours. Controlled by a Cla-Val D22 controller, this valve can be controlled locally based on time, pressure or flow or remotely from a control room.This system can be designed for portable or long term use.
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