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The New CLA-VAL WaterGuard flood alarming and protecting ! Mounted on the valve cover the new CLA-VAL WaterGuard is directly connected to a controller type D22 and D12 or a logger CV-Log35. By vault flood and when water level reaches the valve cover, the CLA-VAL WaterGuard does directly alarm by email, through Link2Valves, the final user. A little accessory for a big win !
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Excellence for Serving the Holy Haram Makkah. CLA-VAL is honored to be a trusted manufacturer to supply control valves for Makkah Al-Mukarramah during several years. Our valves have been selected to be installed at different locations to control the pressure and flow of ZAMZAM HOLY Drinking Water . Currently 14 valves are specially designed to control the pressure for drinking water to Third Saudi Expansion Of Holy Haram Makkah Project. These Pressure Reducing Valves are built with a stainless pilot system including accessories, anti-cavitation system and intelligent automatic hydraulic low flow bypass to serve the sacred areas of the Holy Al-Masjid Al-Haram and surrounding areas.
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CLA-VAL at the 2020 Industry Awards 4.0 On 3 September, the Latin Chambers of Commerce awarded ten particularly innovative manufacturers in French-speaking Switzerland. It is gratifying in these difficult times to see so much capacity for innovation. Together with resilience, these are Switzerland's two greatest assets. Moreover, our country ranks ahead of all nations around the world in international benchmarks in these two areas. Innovation and Resilience were at the heart of this evening's debates. Industrialists from Cartier, LVMH, MPS, Felco, Cla-Val, ... Trivadis, Banque Cantonale Genevoise, Swisscom, ... but also from several universities such as those of Valais, Yverdon or He-Arc ... came to honor these inventors. And as Hugo van Buel, Managing Director of Cla-Val Europe and one of the main sponsors of the evening, said: "It is not enough to have a good idea, even a very inventive one, you have to realize it. We then talk about innovation and marketing. This is where good entrepreneurs stand out from the rest. Inventing is good, marketing is better. Commercialization is where it all comes down to. So support the export industry! Full article: http://www.agefi.com/home/acteurs/detail/edition/online/article/la-soiree-des-%3C%3Cawards-2020%3E%3E-de-lindustrie-40-498715.html
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CLA-VAL Europe is pleased to announce its new international ISO 14001 certification. It echoes various responsible practices implementations within our Company and Group. For many years we have been adapting travel plans, waste production, energy and water consumption, as well as prioritizing subcontractors preferences. Today this certification part is a pro-active commitment recognition of our Corporate Policy in reducing our environmental footprint.
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Swiss precision is the State of the Art in the watch industry. Applying the Swiss mechanical watch precision to our valve production CLA-VAL Valves are designed and built to last. This angle valve, sized DN 300 with a high grade material super duplex ASTM A995-5A, is specifically designed for a sea water service application. In very high corrosive environments super duplex grades are the best choices for valve life time extension.
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Like a Diamond... Worldwide, CLA-VAL is well-known for the diversity of very high quality materials. Our foundries master more than 60 different materials and are able to answer to the most complex requests... similar to a jeweler when he does create, on specific customer request, a unique piece of jewelry, here a nickel-aluminum-bronze valve!
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New CLA-VAL App for Aviation Ground Fuelling Solutions. Developed as a maintenance and training tool for operations personnel, this innovative new App enables the user to configure CLA-VAL Ground Fuelling Products; create and then interact with 3D models; see an exploded view of the product; and determine the recommended spare parts and repair kit for their configuration. For more information contact fuelling@cla-val.ch
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The "WaterWorld" Magazine has published an article about our Link2Valves platform. This is a web platform for valve management, monitoring and remote control, including :
  • Manage all your valves and track maintenance evolution over time with access to service documents
  • Ensure valve functionality remotely
  • Remotely control your CLA-VAL communicating valves securely
  • Customize your views to monitor information of interest
  • Interface your system to Link2Valves™ via a secured API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Entirely secured environment (PEN tested)
Informations at: support@link2valves.com Read the article: https://cla-val.ch/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Link2Valves-WaterWorld.png
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CLA-VAL Valve built to last ! Stopped during Covid-19, since March 20th the Geneva Fountain (Jet d’Eau) has been put back in service last Thursday June 11th. Over 150 years old and main attraction in Geneva 500 l/s of water are jetted at 200 km/hr velocity to a level of 140 meters by two 500 kW pumps. The two pumps, partially immerged in the lake under the Jet d’Eau itself, are reuniting in a single pipe under the water nozzle. Just before the water nozzle a CLA-VAL Valve maintains a backpressure against the pumps in order to prevent cavitation on pumps starting’s. This valve is a 2 solenoids type CLA-VAL 138 valve sized 350 mm. Installed at end of 1960’s the main valve is now an over 50 years old reference !
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