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Have a Blessed Ramadan !

The CLA-VAL Group wishes you a blessed Ramadan full of Peace and Prosperity.

May this Holy month bring joy and health to all our Muslim friends and partners as well as their families around the World.


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CLA-VAL ‘Smart PRV’s’ are shipped to SAUDI ARABIA.

The function of these valves is to control the downstream pressure by means of a motorized pilot. The pressure change is based on time and/or flow rate directly programmed within the CLA-VAL D22 controller. A SCADA system can be added at any time for remote monitoring. These valves are located closely to water tanks.

The picture shows clearly a hydraulic pilot CRD backup in order to override the electronics in case of power failure. It’s a unique advantage of CLA-VAL valves to back up the main function by means of various hydraulic pilots in the event of any kind of failure. CLA-VAL customers are increasingly insisting on minimizing the risk of failure by improving the safety and resilience of valves. To meet those requests CLA-VAL uses direct redundancy on the pilot circuit, which reduces the risk of water shut-off or other potential valve and/or downstream system problems.

CLA-VAL offers the most complete range of pressure management solutions, from simple two-stage hydraulic valves up to the most advanced electronic pilots, CLA-VAL is always at the forefront of innovation.

For more information www.cla-val.ch

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CLA-VAL in Doha at Mozoon Towers Qatar

CLA-VAL has been selected to provide fire protection valves  for the prestigious Mozoon Towers complex in Qatar.

Several hundred’s 90G-21 pressure reducing valves will equip this big project.

CLA-VAL thanks their customer for its confidence and choice of excellence!

CLA-VAL Protecting Lives. More information on www.cla-val.ch

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Link2Valves The solution for easy control of your control valves!

When you turn on the tap, water flows; it is an acquired comfort for many people in the world.

However, behind this simple action lies a complex management, maintenance and repair task, carried out seamlessly behind the scenes by water companies!


CLA-VAL innovates by simplifying this work with a new maintenance management tool: Link2Valves!


Link2Valves is a secure web-based platform that allows you to supervise your control valve fleet from a single web or mobile application.

– Access important site and valve data and information directly from your desktop without installing any software.

– Easily plan and budget for control valve maintenance, with detailed visibility into which valves require upcoming maintenance

– Validate valve operation remotely


CLA-VAL enhances the maintenance work of its customers and partners by providing Link2Valves free of charge.

Contact us for a demonstration www.cla-val.ch


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CLA-VAL DN400 altimetric valve Toulon France

After several years of perfect operation, the CLA-VAL DN400 altimetric valve, installed in the south of France, has been given a renewed life.

Refurbished and newly equipped with a step-by-step control pilot system, the valve regulates by means of a CLA-VAL D22 electronic controller. The D22 does allow optimized tank level management, the functions have also been upgraded with the installation of an integrated e-Flowmeter as well as MODBUS communication with a SCADA system.

CLA-VAL is always at the leading edge of innovation and constantly updating its products,  thanks to our customers for their confidence and choice of excellence!

More information on www.cla-val.ch

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CLA-VAL Leading the Innovation!

CLA-VAL presents its new brochure “Fuelling the Military Worldwide” for military refuelling equipment solutions to view and download at :


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CLA-VAL equipment at The Royal Air Force Brize Norton United Kingdom.

CLA-VAL aviation fuel hydrant pit valves can be used all over the world, below in the foreground a CLA-VAL 352GF hydrant valve used for military and commercial missions but also for the British Prime Minister’s duties aboard the RAF Voyager Airbus A330 in the background.

More information on WWW.CLA-VAL.ch & WWW.CLA-VAL.co.uk

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CLA-VAL at Wallops Island NASA Center

Our partner ProFlo Industries has selected a CLA-VAL nozzle to equip this superb 5,000 gallon Jet A tanker for the NASA on Wallops Island.

A big thank you to our customer for their confidence and choice of excellence!

More information on www.cla-val.ch

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Hekla Tower Paris La Défense

135 years separate the Eiffel Tower from the Hekla Tower in Paris!

Since 1936 CLA-VAL permanently innovate  in order to respond to their customers challenges.

All the CLA-VAL team is proud to be part of this glass and metal  architectural work of 220 meters height in Paris La Defense.

CLA-VAL Group  is sharing its expertise with the architects of tomorrow to build the future.

More information on www.cla-val.ch

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