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Our CLA-VAL fire protection box handles 1000 variations of problems!

From basic to most advanced systems, CLA-VAL fire protection Medicine Box treat all type of problems. Open the Box and find your solution protecting lives and installations. If not, dig deeper in the Box and challenge our skilled engineers for a non-standard solution. With more than thousand different functions do not compromise, choose CLA-VAL fire protection Medicine Box for the very best!

Reach us at fire@cla-val.ch

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At CLA-VAL, your protection is our main concern!

The POL  (Petroleum, Oil & Lubricant) team at the Spangdahlem base, proudly owned by Fuels Management Superintendent Mr. Shamas Dowty, uses quality products such as the CLA-VAL 90AF control valve and the CLA-VAL 347GF nozzle  to ensure their mission.

We thank Mr. Shamas Dowty for these great pictures.

CLA-VAL thanks their customers and partners for the choice of excellence.

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CLA-VAL Always a step ahead!

With more than 4,000 solutions, CLA-VAL offers the widest selection on the market.

We invite you to discover our latest innovations on our regularly updated website.

CLA-VAL thanks their customers for the confidence and choice of excellence.








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CLA-VAL : powering valves with digital

Think digital transformation in various day-to-day activities such as ordering meals, remote conferencing or hiring a taxi. How about valves?

CLA-VAL has always offered fine-tuned hydraulic solutions for customized applications.

We acknowledge that, but over a decade ago CLA-VAL did also recognize the need for more interaction with the valves and the company fully embraced digital. CLA-VAL opened an electronic department with specific engineering for electronics, communication, software development and now also data scientists. CLA-VAL has a strong commitment to make a difference with more added value for our customers from our home-made Link2Valves web platform where more than 20’000 valves are logged up to the latest Controller Valve Apps for the most sophisticated customer requests. Committed to digital is a great example of how CLA-VAL improves their customers’ experience and leads the industry.

CLA-VAL thanks their customers for the confidence and choice of excellence!

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Eïd MOUBARAK may 13th 2021

On the occasion of the celebration of Eid al-Fitr the CLA-VAL Group sends its best wishes of joy, health and prosperity to all their Muslim Partners celebrating around the world.

Eid-al-Fitr does end the holy month of Ramadan.

CLA-VAL wishes to all its Muslim customers and their families a blessed and joyful Eid-al-Fitr.

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For decades, CLA-VAL is using a powerful ERP system to record all our customers’ valve parts. Recently we did enhance our web based technical data sheets including recommended maintenance and repair kits. Through a preventive maintenance program our customers’ extend Fire Protection valves life times and security which in return contributes to reduce the risk of an undesired production shut-down.

CLA-VAL would like to thank  its client for its confidence and its choice of excellence!

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International Firefighters' Day

CLA-VAL Fire Protection supports Firefighters

Protecting Lives

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CLA-VAL does not sell out of an empty wagon! … and the wagon is continuously refilled by our own foundries!

CLA-VAL has increased its stock levels all around the world to quickly handle all your demands.
Carefully studying your project and providing you solutions is part of CLA-VAL’s business, but in those difficult times, delivering your valves in the shortest possible time is part of our constant commitment for excellence.
From concept to product : CLA-VAL does it!

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