Who are we ?

Since 1936, CLA-VAL has been a leading manufacturer of automatic control valves,serving waterworks, industrial, fire protection, aviation fueling and marine customers throughout the world.

Our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement shows in each valve we produce and in the many new products we introduce to the marketplace each year.

CLA-VAL’s long history of manufacturing and industry excellence also enables us to provide the industry’s most comprehensive program of hands-on, personalized technical/product training at our in-house training facilities in the US, Canada, Switzerland, the UK and France.

Our history


By the acquisition of a new foundry located in East Los Angeles, CLA-VAL added 3’500 square meters of manufacturing space, expanding a lot the melting capacity.


A new update of the Link2Valves internet platform now allows Asset Management of electronics and / or hydraulics valves. This is a valuable aid for the planning of maintenance, as well as for monitoring the evolution of existing valves (hydraulic function modification, transition from hydraulics to electronics, etc.).


The official opening of CLA-VAL Middle-East offices in Dubai (UAE) to provide commercial and technical support to the main customers of this region.


ESI was acquired by Cla-Val in 2017. ESI continues a 20 plus year tradition of representing Cla-Val and related manufacturers for the water market in the Midwest United States.


To best meet the demand of some markets, the company is expanding its range of control valves and high capacity H-strainers to offer solutions up to DN 1400.


A new internet platform (Link2Valves) is created. It allows viewing, management and remote updating of our connected devices and valves.


CLA-VAL Europe has completed the 2nd extension of its production site in Romanel-sur-Lausanne (Switzerland). This includes additional storage space, a showroom, a new training room and a hydraulic laboratory (4 lines).


Cla-Val completes its 3rd generation of products in its e-Line range, including the D22 controller, the first device integrating a wide range of communication capabilities (GPRS, Modbus, USB, VNC), facilitating its integration into the various systems of network management.


In order to meet the growing demand for electronic valves and offer an innovative solution for their power supply, CLA-VAL is launching its e-Power range.

The latter includes 2 turbines of different powers allowing the self-supply of the e-Line range in 6 to 24 V, regardless of valve size.

Mounting is done on the valve, in bypass of the primary hydraulic circuit.


CLA-VAL establishes and opens sales offices in New Zealand to serve the Pacific market.


CLA-VAL did expanded their marine applications into Europe and embarked on a program for a new product line for ships and shipyards.


CLA-VAL established a research and development department in Switzerland for specific market applications such as the world biggest diaphragm valves.


CLA-VAL acquired a waterworks distributor in Lyon, France, to serve the national waterworks with improved technical support, timely deliveries and better field services.


CLA-VAL acquired Aztec Engineering Ltd, Tunbridge Wells, UK, leaders in pressure management as well as in traditional valve markets.


CLA-VAL embarked upon a program to supply ground fueling products to compliment the aviation fueling line.


CLA-VAL Europe was established in Romanel-sur-Lausanne in Switzerland, it becomes the European center for the production and sale of CLA-VAL products.


CLA-VAL is well diversified and serves many fields including Water Distribution, Industry, Aircraft Fueling, Marine and Fire Protection.


CLA-VAL established manufacturing facilities in St. Catherines, Canada, and in 1980 it was moved to Beamsville near Niagara Falls.


CLA-VAL Foundry has a unique expertise and know-how in over 50 materials for sand and investment casting techniques.

Over the years CLA-VAL improved production capabilities based on the principle of higher performance and unequaled quality.


CLA-VAL moved to its present home, a twenty-acre property in Costa Mesa, California.


Producing, selling and servicing the finest automatic control valve is our company pioneer history with many memories.


Donald G. Griswold was an inventor and over the years he held more than 24 patents for hydraulic valves.


CLA-VAL started in a small shop in South Pasadena, California, with just five employees.


Donald George Griswold was born on February 2nd, 1901, in Minneapolis. He was his mother’s 10th child.